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It is always recommended to choose the right residential pest control company that can manage to solve all your pest problems. By choosing Pest Quit, we ensure you to make your home pest & infestation free. We recommend our domestic pest control service which is fast and effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family, friends and pets.We work hard to service every client’s needs effectively to protect one of their most important investments, their homes.

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Fly Control Treatment

Flies can be an annoyance while humming around customers premises, especially if in substantial numbers. In any case, some species of fly additionally posture wellbeing dangers to people that can be solved by availing our Fly Control Service.


Bed Bugs Control Treatment

Bed Bugs are cosmopolitan pests, attacking all, whether hygiene plays a role or not. They are hitch-hikers and very common in public transport, hospitals, theatres, hotels, hostels, etc. They move from place to place along with people's clothes and baggage. During the day, bed bugs hide in tiny cracks and crevices and feed on human blood at night. Since they are mostly found in beds they are aptly named 'Bed Bugs'.


Carpenter Bees Control Treatment

Carpenter bees emerge in the spring months to reproduce, build a nest and lay eggs. Carpenter bees range from ¾ to 1 inch long and can often be detected hovering around the outside of your home. They resemble bumble bees, but the upper surface of their abdomen is hairless and shiny black.


Ant Control Treatment

Ants are incredibly capable and intelligent creatures. Though harmless, they can be a nuisance when they get into your home or business premises. Their complex and cooperative societies allow them to survive and thrive in conditions that would be otherwise challenging to us. Here are some interesting facts that you may want to know about this small but amazing pest.


Lizard Control Treatment

Lizards are common pests in houses, factories & building,. There are several different types of lizards that are naturally occur in and around houses, building, factories. They may be a pest according to season or geographical regions.


Termite Control Treatment

Termites are one of the most dangerous and destructive pests that can infest your home or business. Termites can do a lot of harm to a building’s structure. Termite Control or Anti Termite Treatment is difficult task as termites eat away from within and stay invisible from the outside.


Rodent Control Treatment

We utilize the principles of Integrated Management to manage rats. We carry out a scientific study of rats to make sure effective rat control. Also, our personnel is trained through audio-visual medium, formal classroom sessions and sensible on-the-scene coaching. Furthermore, we ensure the latest and most effective technique is used for rodent control.


General Pest Control Treatment

The warehousing and logistics industries require effective pest control. Because huge supplies sometimes originate from multiple regions and are housed together on pallets, a thorough pest management system is a logistical priority. Our qualified and experienced technicians perform pest control for warehouses and storage facilities and will assist you in developing warehouse pest removal plan as per your specific demand.


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