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Whatever your needs, PCS Environmental Services have the solution. For complete pest control service we have fully trained service technicians in your area 24 hours a day. PCS service area covers across India. PCS services include Pest Control,Mosquito control treatment, Rodent control treatment, Goldnix control treatment, Termite Control,Lizard and Fly control treatment.. Our technicians promise to deliver a professional and reliable service ensuring that all jobs commercial and residential are tackled with 100% commitment.

Mosquito Control Treatment

As Mosquitoes are vectors for transmitting disease like Malaria, Filaria, etc.

Rodent Control Service

Rodent (commonly clubbed together as rats) comprise mice, rats, gerbils, bandicoots.

Goldnix Treatment

This treatment is for the management of cockroaches. The treatment comprises use of baiting technology.


Commonly known as white ants are your own nightmare and a threat to your Property.